Foldable Chairs

Foldable chairs are pretty great at providing seating when guests are over or for outside on a sunny day but they do not take up space when not in use.

They are not exactly something that people buy every day however therefore people often purchase foldable chairs that don't necessarily suit their intended application. Therefore if you are intending purchasing some foldable chairs in the future here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about them.

What are foldable chairs primarily used for?

They are primarily used as garden furniture that can easily be stored when not in use. They are incredibly useful for people with small gardens as a result of this. While people often assume however that this is the only use of foldable chairs they are also frequently used by people who are going on camping trips. Foldable chairs that are designed for this purpose are small enough to fit into a bag and lightweight enough to carry on your back.

Can foldable chairs be used inside?

Many people use foldable chairs indoors due to the space saving they offer when not in use. Because of this functionality they are particularly common in homes where space comes at a premium. Also because of this demand the companies that manufacture foldable chairs design lines that look pretty sophisticated and would go nicely in any dining room or lounge.

Where is the best place to purchase foldable chairs?

Usually your best bet is your local home and garden store. I usually recommend that you go to one of the larger ones as they usually have entire sections for garden furniture where you will be able to see a sets of foldable chairs set out as opposed to in a box. You can therefore easily pick out a set that will suit your garden. If you are looking to purchase second hand then there are often advertisements in the classifieds for foldable chairs. I would kind of advice against this however as they usually come complete with quite a lot of wear and tear and weather damage and it is not as if foldable chairs are that expensive to begin with. If you are looking for foldable chairs that can be used on a camping trip, the best place to purchase them is from a specialised camping store. The reason for this is that they are the only shops that sell the top of the line ridiculously light weight versions. Being a keen camper myself I would definitely recommend splashing out on them.

How much should I expect to pay?

This all depends on how much you are willing to pay. The cheapest foldable chairs will be less than ten pounds each whereas a complete set of sophisticated foldable dining chairs could cost a few hundred pounds. One thing that you should be aware of however is that due to the seasonal nature of the demand for both garden and camping foldable chairs, you should try to coincide your purchase with the Autumn sales if you want to get a good deal.

Foldable Chairs